Join the Chamber

Each day, the Edisto Chamber of Commerce dedicates itself to elevating the well-being and prosperity of Edisto’s residents. We foster collaboration between local businesses and community leaders, serving as a prominent source of public information. As a dynamic business network, we extend unwavering support to our members, actively promoting and nurturing the interests of Edisto’s vibrant commercial landscape. Our focus spans from driving tourism to fostering responsible, environmentally conscious growth – all in the spirit of building a thriving community.

Ready to embark on this journey? Join the Edisto Chamber of Commerce and be a part of our unified effort in fostering local business support and collaborative progress.

Top 5 Reasons to Join the Edisto Chamber of Commerce

Elevate your business growth with the power of membership. When you join the local chamber of commerce, you gain instant credibility that resonates with consumers and fellow business owners alike. Demonstrating your affiliation with the chamber, our members proudly showcase their membership decal. This badge of honor communicates to every visitor that they’re engaging with a trusted business, one that has not only invested in Edisto’s community but is also committed to fostering its growth and success.

Engage with us, and we’ll collaborate to amplify your event promotion. Your events will be shared on our dynamic calendar, featured in our monthly eNewsletter, spotlighted across our robust social media channels, and highlighted in our strategic media advertisements. Count on the Chamber to go the extra mile – we’ll proudly display your business materials at our office, extending your reach to all who visit. For new enterprises, we’re by your side, kickstarting your journey with a splash by promoting your grand opening and providing assistance in orchestrating impactful public relations initiatives. Your membership is not just a connection; it’s a gateway to a world of opportunities for business visibility and growth.

Discover endless networking prospects. As a member, you’ll gain exclusive access to engaging After Hours events – a platform designed for you to showcase your business among fellow members who are keen on fostering your growth and visibility. Rooted in our core mission, the Edisto Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to catalyzing vibrant business activity within our dynamic community.

Unlike other local organizations, the chamber takes the lead in nurturing business-to-business interactions and creating a thriving environment for networking. Count on us to pave the way for increased commerce and a multitude of opportunities to connect with local professionals who share your vision. Elevate your business support and make lasting connections that extend far beyond the norm.

Unlock remarkable perks through your membership. When you’re part of the Edisto Chamber of Commerce, you gain access to invaluable promotional avenues that contribute to your business growth. Your presence will be showcased in the prestigious Member Directory on our website, as well as in the widely circulated annual Edisto Island Guide – a publication distributed across South Carolina’s Visitor Centers and business kiosks, reaching a diverse audience through direct mail.

Unlock exclusive advantages with Edisto Chamber membership. Enjoy discounted rates for utilizing the well-appointed Edisto Chamber conference room, along with select office services tailored to your needs. As a member, you’ll also benefit from a waived fee for showcasing your offerings at the prestigious annual Fall Festival – a prime opportunity to engage with your community. What’s more, your Chamber membership is not just an investment in growth; it’s a tax-deductible one too! Delve even deeper into the perks of partnership, as we’ve teamed up with the SC Chamber of Commerce to offer BCBS Health Insurance Plans, a valuable resource for businesses employing 2 or more individuals. Learn more about this partnership and how it can elevate your business here.