Visiting Edisto

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Visiting Edisto

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Edisto Beach State Park

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Camping & Hiking

Edisto Beach State Park features trails for hiking and biking that provide a wonderful tour of the park. The park’s environmental education center is a “green” building with exhibits that highlight the natural history of Edisto Island and the surrounding ACE Basin.

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Botany Bay Plantation

The boneyard beach

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Visiting Botany Bay

The area is open for general public visitation during daylight hours (1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset. The area is CLOSED on Tuesdays and for scheduled special hunts.

Please remember that no shells, artifacts, driftwood or anything can be removed from the property grounds (including the beach).

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So Much to See

Be sure to visit Botany Bay Plantation where you can kayak, hike to the boneyard beach, or travel by car through the driving loop to access points of interest for birding and nature enthusiasts.