Embrace the Edislow Lifestyle for Your Next Family Vacation

When you just can’t seem to find your family’s pause button on days that move by in a blink, create your own. Edisto Beach, South Carolina, is a welcome respite to unplug from the hustle and bustle of every day for the effortless family vacation you’ve been after.

A Scenic Start

You begin your vacation on the way into town – after all, getting there is half the fun, right? As street signs become sparse, travel across the National Scenic Byway where sprawling areas of preserved land paved with live oaks usher you over the inter-coastal waterway and onto Edisto. While many agree anytime is the best time to visit, consider spending your Spring at Edisto to experience cooler temperatures, less-busy crowds, and seasonally inspired events.


Photo Credit: Miranda Gaehde

Laidback Beaching

Once on the island, Edisto Beach offers a 5-mile landscape that is the focal point for the most laidback vacation you’ve ever taken. Kids and adults alike will delight in strolling the beach, collecting shells of their fancy. Botany Bay is touted as one of the most unique destinations on Edisto. Thousands of acres of preserved and protected land are home to historical buildings including two sites listed on the register of historic places, maritime forests for hiking or biking, and freshwater ponds for exploring at your own pace. Sun-bleached standing and fallen trees line the beach at Botany Bay, contributing to its “Boneyard Beach” nickname. While you’re there, be sure to check out Jason’s Lake for an ideal spot to take your little ones for catch-and-release fishing fun.


Botany Bay’s “Boneyard Beach”

Just over half a mile from the beach, you’ll find Edisto Beach State Park, home to over 4 miles of ADA accessible trails for hiking and biking. Six different trails lead to picturesque views of the ocean, perfect for a well-timed break before turning back the way you came. Before you leave, bring the family by the Environmental Learning Center to become better acquainted with the area through youth and adult programming, including hands-on exhibits that allow curious minds to experience the area up close and personal.


Keep It Easy with Edisto’s Rental Options

To avoid the clunk and clutter of transporting your family’s vacation equipment, numerous vendors are available – whether you prefer to scoot around by land or by water. Edisto Bike Rentals offers complimentary pick-up and drop-off of their bikes and golf carts. Island Bikes and Outfitters rent kayaks, golf carts, and standup paddleboards to visiting adventurers. Edisto Essentials offers tow carts, kayaks, beach chairs, and other vacation essentials for rent. Edisto Water Sports and Tackle even offers excursion tours in addition to equipment rentals. And speaking of rentals, did we mention that all rentals in Edisto are beach homes or condos to accommodate your family? Because, after all, the family that vacays together, stays together—and home-away-from-home accommodations take your Edisto escape to the next level.


If you have one call to make your experience even more carefree and Edislow, make it to Edisto Beach Services. From doing your grocery run to setting up beach equipment, Edisto Beach Services exists to make vacationing truly trouble-free. Edisto Beach Services will even buy fresh and local oysters, shrimp, and fish from Edisto Seafood, Edisto Beach’s beloved local seafood market, and come to your condo or beach house to prepare the feast for you!

Edisto Charters Make the Trip Even More Charming

Charter experiences abound at Edisto Beach! Taking your mini-me on his or her first fishing trip is one to remember and easy to do with several charter options leaving from The Marina at Edisto Beach. Contact the Marina to secure a private tour of dolphin sightings and sunset cruises which can be customized with your tribe in mind. For an action-packed experience, let Charles Yeomans with Single Shot Guide Services, a full-service fishing and hunting agency, plan all the details for a day in the great outdoors with your family with zero prep work. Fontaine Charters is Lowcountry fishing at its finest and will be a fun experience for beginners and expert anglers alike. Hop onboard with Cal Young at Edisto Watersports & Tackle for fishing charters, ACE basin river cruises, and kayak tours. If you’re visiting the Edisto Beach State Park, Plot Twist Charters has made it easy with their tours leaving straight from the State Park and offers personalized tours so you and your family are sure to have a good time. No matter if you aspire to catch the largest fish of your life or desire a relaxing day drifting on the water, there’s an Edisto charter waiting for you.

To lose your sea legs and sneak in a quick round, the Plantation Course at Edisto is the sole golf course on the island, offering a natural experience free from traffic lights and congestion and high in serene, natural beauty.


Great Eats

After a perfectly slow day enjoying family and your surroundings, keep it on easy street for dinner. Edisto is home to over 10 restaurants that make the question of “what’s for dinner?” an answer packed with excitement rather than a statement to dread. Flowers Seafood Company offers to-go seafood baskets and sandwiches as well as chicken tenders and hot dogs for more picky kiddos. Briny Swine, Edisto’s only combination smokehouse and raw bar, offers authentically local favorites, including house-made smokey pimento cheese and pork rinds. Whaley’s Restaurant and Bar is an area staple and self-proclaimed “Home of the Ugly Fish.” Just a few bites of crab cake or mahi-mahi solidifies their reputation of being one of “South Carolina’s Best Seafood Dives.”


Briny Swine Edisto Island Eats for the Whole Family

Experience Effortless Vacationing in Edisto

Whether it’s a barefoot stroll on the sand, a bike ride along the beach, or a seafood boil at your cozy coastal rental home, the Edislow lifestyle is calling your name. A vacation in Edisto, South Carolina, is sure to become a family favorite you’ll want to return to again and again. Read more about our recommended kid-friendly activities on Edisto.


Family Vacation at Edisto Beach




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Edisto Beach Rentals – Golf Carts, Bikes, Kayaks & More

On your next Edisto adventure, consider renting a golf cart to traverse in style! While age requirements vary from business to business, anyone driving the golf cart must have a valid driver’s license and follow all of the golf cart rules the Town of Edisto Beach has set in place. Leave your own golf cart at home, as we only allow visitors to rent. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to find Edisto rentals, we have plenty of options! And, we’ve even linked the Town’s rules at the end of this blog – we have you covered for an effortless vacation. 

Infinity Cart Rentals

  • Age Requirements: 18 & up
  • Rentals Available: Golf Carts
  • Delivery or Pickup: Delivery

Cruise around Edisto with a golf cart rental! With Infinity Cart Rentals, renting a golf cart for your Edisto Beach getaway is a breeze. They’ll have your rental ready when you arrive with a full tank of gas, so the exploring doesn’t have to wait! Don’t deal with the hassle of carrying your beach essentials; arrive in style to your beach access and make the day effortless with your rental. After your visit is over, Infinity Cart Rentals will pick up your rental for you! Have a large group with you? No worries here, because you can rent a 4 seat or a 6 seat golf cart so there’s room for everyone! Infinity Cart Rentals does require the renter to be 18 years of age.


  • Age Requirements: 21+ to drive and 25+ to rent.
  • Rentals Available: Luxury Street Legal Golf Carts LSV’s – 4 & 6 Seat Vehicles (Lithium or Lead Acid)
  • Delivery or Pickup: They deliver to your door!

If you’re looking to level up your Edisto Beach vacation, you’re in the right place! GolfCart.Fun’s luxury Edisto Beach golf cart rentals can legally by driven at night and on any road with posted speed limits of 35 mph (unlike our competitors). They provide guests with the opportunity to explore this beautiful island town in style, comfort, and convenience; and have recently become the premier provider of luxury golf cart rentals in Edisto Beach. Whether you’re cruising the scenic byways, exploring hidden corners, or simply making your way to the beach, their top-of-the-line golf carts are designed to elevate your Edisto Beach experience. Forget about mundane walks or tedious drives – it’s time to embrace the freedom of the open road with a touch of luxury.


Their fleet is made up of the latest 2023 Street Legal Luxury Golf Carts LSVs, all of which come equipped with:

  • Seat Belts
  • DOT certified headlights
  • Bluetooth Sound System
  • 2x USB Charging Ports
  • Backup Camera
  • Charging Cord & 25 ft extension cord
  • Brush Guard
  • Extended Roof
  • Fully Loaded and Lifted
  • Beer/Item Storage
  • LED Lighting
  • 23″ Tires


  • Lithium Battery
  • Beach Chairs
  • Turtlebox Speakers

Call today at 843-800-0310 or visit our website and see if they can have a golf cart delivered to your door tomorrow! You won’t regret it!

Edisto Bike Rentals

  • Age Requirements: 21 & up (for golf carts)
  • Rentals Available: Golf Carts, Bikes, Pull Carts, Helmets, Baby Seats
  • Delivery or Pickup: Both

Edisto has plenty of bike trails for you to enjoy! In fact, many people say the best way to experience the beauty and adventure of Edisto is through a bike ride. Luckily for our visitors, we have several businesses that can help you rent out a bike for yourself or for the whole family. Edisto Bike Rentals offers free pickup and delivery options for their bicycles, as well as golf cart rentals! They offer adult and children-sized bikes, helmets, baby seats, baskets, pull carts, and more. Make sure if you’re renting a golf cart that you or someone else in your group is 21 years or older!

Island Bikes & Outfitters

  • Age Requirements: 21 & up (for golf carts)
  • Rentals Available: Golf Carts, Bikes, Kayaks, Canoes, Paddleboards
  • Delivery or Pickup: Pickup

Another great local company you can rent bicycles and golf carts from is Island Bikes & Outfitters. They boast that their rental department “includes everything you need to make your stay on Edisto a fun and memorable one” – and they aren’t lying! While bikes may be in their name, Island Bikes & Outfitters rents much more than that. You can rent kayaks, golf carts, and standup paddleboards all in one location! If you’re looking to hit the water or trails, look no further. Island Bikes & Outfitters also requires their golf cart renters to be 21 years of age.

Edisto Essentials

  • Age Requirements: 18 & up (for golf carts)
  • Rentals Available: Golf Carts, Kayaks, Boogie Boards, Beach Chairs & Umbrellas, Sheets & Towels
  • Delivery or Pickup: Both

When you’re renting all the essentials, it makes sense to check out Edisto Essentials! They offer bicycle and golf cart rentals, as well as tow carts, kayaks, boogie boards, beach umbrellas, beach chairs, sheets & towels, and more. If you’re renting a golf cart, you’ll need to be a licensed and insured driver that’s 18 years of age or older. They also offer free delivery and pickup in the Edisto Beach area, so give them a call to get all your essentials in order!

Edisto Water Sports & Tackle

  • Age Requirements: 18 & up (if under 18, one person in your party must be 18 & up)
  • Rentals Available: Kayaks, Paddleboards
  • Delivery or Pickup: Pickup

Edisto Water Sports & Tackle not only offers rentals, but several excursion tours around Edisto! A few are even taken by kayak, so you can get up close and personal with the natural beauty of the area. When it comes to rentals, they have kayaks and standup paddleboards available to rent out. Stop by Edisto Water Sports & Tackle to make the most out of your Edisto adventure!

Town of Edisto rules and regulations for golf carts

  • Golf carts must have a current Edisto Beach decal.
  • Must have a SC DMV registration/decal
  • Operators must have a valid driver’s license and must have the license on their person while operating the golf cart.
  • Golf carts can be operated only within four miles of the DMV registered address.
  • If there’s a car behind you, pull aside and let them pass.
  • Golf carts may be operated only on secondary roadway or street. This includes every road in the Town of Edisto Beach limits, except Palmetto Boulevard, SC HWY 174.
  • Golf carts may cross a Palmetto Boulevard, you must go straight across, cannot be at an angle.
  • Speed CANNOT exceed 19 mph.
  • Children are not to be held on the operator’s lap while operating the golf cart.
  • May be operated only during daylight hours (30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset).
  • Open container laws, all motor vehicle laws, and parking laws apply to golf carts.

For more rules on golf cart use, visit the Town’s website Golf Cart Use | Town of Edisto Beach, SC. With your cooperation, we all can enjoy cruising around Edisto safely! And, as a reminder, a rental is your best and only choice when it comes to golf carts, as you are not allowed to bring your own golf cart to Edisto.

Don’t forget to remember the rules of the road when you’re biking around Edisto! Get a refresher on the rules & regulations here Bike Regulations | Town of Edisto Beach, SC.